Thursday, September 18, 2008

kinda cool ...

My daughter was traveling this summer with a friend to NYC and sent me a {phone} photo of this magazine article from the Northwest Airlines flight magazine.  Then, two more friends told me they'd seen an article about the store while traveling.  I didn't know people actually read those magazines!

On my recent trip, I was on a Northwest flight and got to see the article first hand ... that was pretty cool!

OH! and funny, embarrassing side note ... I'd never flown Southwest before {I was also on a Southwest flight}, so as we're getting on the plane, my ticket said A 8 ... so I'm on the plane looking for my seat, A 8 right?  I find A 8 and there are two fairly large gentlemen packed in my row.  I tentatively look at them and the seat between them and squeak, "I think I'm sitting here."  One of them looks at me and roughly says {you have to read this in a deep, impatient, man voice}, "there are no assigned seats."  I think he may have wanted to add, "idiot!"

I had no idea ... but I'll never make the mistake again ... and maybe I've just saved a few of you too! 

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