Tuesday, September 2, 2008


{photo courtesy of decor8}

{photo courtesy of decor8}

I get all swishy inside when I see a lovely home office ... and aren't these the loveliest? I enjoyed reading this post, because along with the great tid-bits of advice, Holly offers up some great eye-candy!

Design on a budget?  Head over here to see what Nicole is up to ...

I've got just one question though ... who the heck has a desk that stays that picture-perfect?!?


Anonymous said...

Ooookay, so I've been stuck on Design8, HousetoHome, etc., for hours now! LOVE the sites and ideas, but have you stumbled across any sites that are based in the US? I doubt the shipping on a desk from the UK would be very frugal. :)

Making it Lovely said...

Ha! My desk is never neat. That's why I had to use such an old photo for my decor8 post… no time to clean off my desk and actually take a current photo!

tracie said...

sarah, try pointclickhome.com ... some pretty cool finds there!

nicole, awesome to hear i'm not the only one! :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, after I saw Nicole's reply here, I found pointclickhome.com and am now obsessing over that site! :)