Monday, August 4, 2008

construction update

I was so excited to come home on Friday and find a chimney! I can't believe how quickly things are moving along ... they hope to have the entire addition closed in by the end of this week. And something was mentioned about starting to drywall soon. Yippee!

Here's a close up of the nursery, where all 3 little girls are rooming. With closet space limited, we put the two older girls clothes in the play area {photo above & below} ... kinda ruins the view.

Here's an interior of where they're sleeping. Piper loves sleeping on the top bunk! And if you look closely, can you tell which of my daughter's win the pack rat competition? That girl needs to sleep with just about every possession she owns ... and she's pretty much been that way since I can remember. Even when we travel ... she sleeps with her carry-on bag, which of course includes as many of her belongings as she can squeeze into it.


Anonymous said...

Aw, so cute how they're all surviving in one room peacefully! I bet they're loving the "sleepover"-like living quarters.

Jessica B said...

I love that your daughter sleeps with all of her possessions on her bed. I used to do the exact same thing when I was little only I was on the top bunk :)

I love your blog. I am crazy about all things paper but I get overwhelmed when I have to search websites looking for new stuff. Your features make it easy for me to see a few new things at a time.

adozeneggs said...

even crammed in one room, you manage to make it look stylish.
I love the tree, how'd you do that???

LobotoME said...

it looks beautiful!!

tracie said...

hello! regarding the tree in the nursery ... the artist that painted the house when we renovated worked painstakingly hard at putting that tree together. i can't take credit for it ... but i do love it! it even has little butterflies and bees in it's branches & leaves.