Thursday, August 21, 2008

a few good posts ...

I guess I'll call this link time ...

{photos courtesy of operation nice}

I posted about Operation Nice a couple of weeks ago ... and thought it was worth revisiting to let you know Melissa has a couple of great downloads.  You can get the postcard here.  And the notecard here.  I love these ideas ... Melissa has written 'nice' notecards and left them all over the city.  I think it's worth joining this revolution!

{photo courtesy of i heart you}

I've mentioned before that my nephew has recently graduated from basic training {he's now awaiting airborne training!}, so this post touched me.  What a great way for us to support our troops, and it takes only 2 minutes of your time.  Also a way to do something 'nice' ...

{photo courtesy of snippet & ink}

Okay and yeah, I just can't stay away.  They're on my radar, so by default, they're on yours too.  This is just too lovely not to share!

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