Wednesday, August 27, 2008

tony's table {three}

My girls go back-to-school today, so I thought this back-to-school display is perfect for today.  Is this an awesome display though?  Tony actually made a paper computer!  The keys on the keyboard write out to say "the staff of broadway paper welcomes you."  I love it!

I'm also a fan of some of the other fun things displayed on the table.  You can never go wrong with a susyjack* pencil holder.  And I love all the task clips from Knock Knock.  I'm loving the Orbit holder & other pencil {catch all} holder from Umbra {unfortunately, we don't have those online}.

So here's to school buses, gym shoes {the school now requires velcro gym shoes!}, sharpened pencils, and a fresh box of 24 crayolas!

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