Wednesday, August 27, 2008

silent auction for nienie

{photo courtesy of blue lily photography}

This is NieNie ... Stephanie & Christian Nielson.  They need our help.  I recently mentioned Design Mom's idea for a silent auction to help raise money for the NieNie Fund.  The photo below is what bwp is offering for our silent auction, hosted right here.  {find rules at the bottom of this post}.

This is a gift case filled to the brim with yummy goodies from the likes of susyjack*, Linda & Harriett, Dutch Door Press, Pink Loves Brown, Linea Carta, Jack & Lulu, Kate Spade ... just to name a few.  And the approximate value is $150.00.

And WOW! the outpouring of love for NieNie has been overwhelming!  I've read somewhere there are over 130 different auctions!  Here are some I've found {please check out design mom for a full listing, including what everyone is auctioning}:

KC Masterpiece

I had mentioned that if anyone wanted to host an auction, but needed something to auction, to contact me and I would send it to them.  Katie contacted me and I've sent her these Snow & Graham goodies to auction on her site.  {just an fyi, in case you're interested in some other bwp goodies!}

Okay, and now for the rules to start bidding on {and hopefully win!} the bwp gift case:

1. Silent auction will start Thursday, August 28 at 6:00am {ct}
2. Auction will end Sunday, August 31st at 10pm {ct}
3. Opening bid must start at $10.00
4. Bids must be placed in whole increments of $1.00
5. You will leave your bids in the comment section
6. You must leave an email address.  For security purposes, I suggest using this format; tracie{at}broadwaypaper{dot}com
7. I will confirm the winning bid {although it may be quite obvious!} on Monday, September 1 at 8:00am {ct}
8. The winning bidder must donate the amount bid to the NieNie Fund via a PayPal account already set up.  I will forward you a link to their account ... once you've paid, please forward me the confirmation and I will send you your lovely package.

Whew!  I think that does it ... sure hope I'm not missing anything here.

Let's all band together for a great purpose!  And be sure to stop by some of the other auctions ... great fun for a great cause!


suzanjill said...

Hello - I'm going to start off the bid ($10-).

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heather said...

awesome stuff in there!!!

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josieposie said...

$50 josiejean@g(mail).com

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cyndi & lee said...


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Debra W said...


Please add my bid to the auction at $236.00. If you click on my name you will find your way to my blog at my email address.

Thank you,