Sunday, August 17, 2008

progress on construction ...

Things are moving along on our construction project ... yay!  I took the girls through the other day and they are quite excited.  Although, miss teenager is a little ... eh-hum ... shall we say green?

This photo is of my office ... the fireplace will be in the right{ish} hand corner, to the left of the blue plastic.  And the blue plastic will be replaced with windows.  We love as much window light as we can get ... the problem that leaves me with, is not enough wall space for photos {and kid art ... love kid art!}.  I've also included a photo of progress on my chimney.  Mmmmm, I can already smell the burning wood ...

The photo on the left is the hallway outside my office that runs from the existing house to the new bedroom.  The door shown is the girls old bathroom that will stay intact, but be repainted.

I had fun showing the girls the space and in fact, a wall of my new office space is one of their old bedroom walls.  When we were in there, we saw some little hooks still up from where their 'chore charts' used to hang.

The photo on the right is of their new bedroom space, looking toward the closets and playroom area.  Today, we picked out where each one will have their space.

These photos show the siding is going up ... the final siding will be painted a weathered grey to match the rest of the house.  And you can also see the roof is getting tiled, actually, that should be complete now.

The patio I was standing on to take the picture is right outside our bedroom and the stones in the foreground lead to our bedroom patio door.

You may have to click to enlarge these and take a better look ... I was standing on our bedroom patio taking the photos and saw my reflection and thought I'd take a shot.  These are looking directly into our bedroom, you can't see much because of the reflection, but I thought they turned out kinda cool and that I would share.  If you look closely in the photo on the left, you can see the through the windows to the other side of the house.  As you can see ... we really do like a lot of windows!

{p.s. my construction photography pretty much sucks ... how's one supposed to take sexy photos of plywood?}

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heather said...

I know the post is about the construction...but that skirt you have on is SUPER cute!! :-)