Friday, August 29, 2008

weekend greeting winner

First ... wow! a great big thank you to everyone who bid yesterday! It's so awesome and inspiring to me to know that so many people ... strangers ... from all over the world are connecting for this family.

And now for the winner of last week's weekend greeting ... Meghan! Meghan, please email me your contact info by Monday and I'll get your lovely WC card out to you then. Have a blast at your reunion!

I have a soft spot for you, as I recently {well, a couple of years ago now} went to my {ahem}, 20th reunion. I did not want to go, but then a piece of me was very intrigued to see what was up. My 'Romy' and I were total BFF's {the original} since 5th grade, but somehow sort of went our separate ways after high school.

We kept in touch through Christmas cards and {my} birth announcements, emailing occasionally ... but when the invite for the reunion came out, we decided we needed to go. We were total 'Romy & Michelle's' ... I kept reminding her we didn't have many friends, who would we talk to, why are we going ... but it ended up being a great night. And I guess we had more friends than I remembered.

And I guess in the bigger scheme of things ... I'm so thankful that I wasn't one of those girls that ... 20 years later, is intoxicated and still dancing on the table!

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