Wednesday, August 13, 2008

new website for snow & graham

That's me at the NSS!!  Emily made me a personalized binder for the show ... everyone asked where I got it and I proudly explained Emily's talents and how she personalized it just for my 'show needs' ... there was even a secret compartment to store my credit card ... although not so secret, when in my excitement I showed everyone where it was!

So when we were drooling all over the S&G booth ... the lovely ladies of Snow & Graham of course spotted my creation and asked to take a picture of it.

I was super happy to see it on their newly released website yesterday.  And since this so does not describe me {well ... maybe in my fantasies}, I would like to tell you what the fine print says:

"#1642 Queen Anne's Lace, Snow & Graham wrap covers this binder spotted on the arm of the uber-cool Tracie of Broadway Papers."  {But really, it's just Broadway Paper ... and really, I know I'm not uber-cool ... or I wouldn't be calling it out in a blog post, right?}

And then I spotted this!!!  How cool?  A deer head wrapped in paper ... and Snow & Graham paper to boot!  Jennifer Khoshbin's website is absolutely amazing ... you must check out the whole thing ... you'll be so inspired by what you see.  It's incredible to think of the things you can do with paper.  I love, love the book projects!
{image via}

{image via}


Turquoise said...

First- Love the shirt. Cute buttons.
Second- Love that watch. Is it pink?
Third- I have to up my wrap game. Those deer heads are fierce. I hope they aren't real animals, though.

adozeneggs said...

Yeah, I hope they're not real animals too.
I bought a bunch of S & G Birthday cards from you a while back. I love them. Great to have on hand.

tracie said...

thanks! the watch is ivory colored ...

and i gotta believe the deer aren't real ...