Friday, August 8, 2008

weekend greeting {three}

This weekend greeting is from a line that's new to the store, 8mm ideas.  I love the wit surrounding these greetings!

"My parents always swore I could have a bunny rabbit when I had my tenth birthday.  But they by accident bought me a squirl.  I let it go in the backyard when the weather turned nice."  Classic!

Someone's got to have a squirrel / rabbit story! So here's the deal ... comment on who you would send this card to and why ... I'll pick my fav and send it out to you!  More rules can be found here.

As for last week's winner ... I can't decide!  And since technically, miss Nellie Rose can't win that leaves Amy and Five Dot Design {for the life of me, I can't find your name ...}.  So ... you both win!  Yay!

Please email me your addresses & contact info by Monday afternoon and I'll get your card out in the mail.

Once again, thanks for playing!

1 comment:

five dot design said...

not entering to win (though who doesn't love a rabbit- especially after the number wade robson put together on the finale of "so you think you can dance") I'm just claiming myself!

so, it's me! five dot design!
i'll email you my information.