Thursday, August 14, 2008

mindy weiss wedding collection

Have you seen this wedding collection from Mindy Weiss?  It's kinda cool.  You all must know who Mindy is, but in case you've been living um ... somewhere that would cause you not to know who Mindy is, I'll lay it down for you ...

Mindy is thee go-to wedding & event planner.  Beverly Hills, Hollywood, celebrities {Gavin & Gwen, Heidi & Seal, Eva & Tony} ... you get the idea.

So Mindy's basically gone 'Target' and is offering celebrity-style goods with a non-celeb price.  Gotta love when that happens!

My favs are the wedding planner, hanging door pad, and wedding tip envelopes.  And if you're looking for a fun gift option, I'd go with the guest book or passport cases {every new bride or bride-to-be loves the whole mr. & mrs. thing!}.

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