Friday, August 22, 2008

weekend greeting giveaway {five}

This weekend greeting is once again from The Great Lakes.  If the pictures weren't a dead give-away as to my whereabouts, I'm in LA right now ... so this card is perfect!

Here's the deal for the giveaway ... leave me a comment saying who you would send this card to and why. I will pick my favorite comment and send it out to you when I receive your address. You can find more rules here.

As for last week's winner, I had such a hard time deciding {not unusual} ... but I gotta follow my heart and go with Abbie.  I just finished a round of NutriSystem at the beginning of the year, so I've got a personal soft spot for Abbie.

Abbie, just email me your address by Monday night and I'll put the card in the mail to you.  Thanks everyone for 'playing!'

So ... a little bit about my trip (in case ya' all are still reading and care}.  Miss teenager is mine from a previous marriage and it's important to me to spend some alone time with her.  I wanted to take a girls trip and asked her where she'd like to go ... LA was her answer ... basically a mission to find the Jonas Brothers {who we're seeing in concert, at home, on Sunday ... and we have backstage passes ... this is going to be absolutely priceless to watch how she reacts to meeting her future husband ... Nick, she's all about Nick}.

She's been reading more and more about celebrities and famous people and I think she's getting a bug! And since I'm more likely to know the names of Gwenyth, Halle, and Jennifer's kids, than say ... the abbreviation for Maine ... I figured a trip to LA would be fun.  We're having a great time, but no celeb spotting yet ... oh! actually, the girls {we brought taylor's bff along ...} saw lil' romeo.  {p.s., the 'star' cookies are from the hotel ... cool, huh?}

And about that bug Taylor's getting, she's been asking if she could try modeling.  Actually, she asked what would be the easiest way to 'get famous' {are you laughing?}.  And since she doesn't really dance, sing or act ... she thought modeling might be a path to try.  And because I'm a freak for photos, I figured at the very least I'd get some new wall art!  These photos are courtesy {well, not as in free ...} of Zoe McKenzie Photography in Chicago.  And even if I wasn't her mommy, I think they turned out pretty great!


meghan...or is it? said...

I'm headed back to the West Coast from Milwaukee for my high school reunion at the end of next month. I'd love to send this card to my best friend to get her jazzed up for our "Romy & Michelle" moment.

Jamie said...

I'd send to my cousin in San Fran. He's originaly from Long Beach, went to the same high school as Snoop Dog so we have a soft spot for all things WC.
You should take your daughter to Fred Segal in Santa Monica & Kitson on Robertson Blvd. Usually good celeb sightings there.

Abbie said...

YEAH! I'm so excited that I won last week! Thanks so much. Have fun on your trip!