Saturday, August 23, 2008


{photo courtesy of wikipedia}

So, seriously?  Jerry Springer?  That's our celeb sighting?  Some old guy that hosts trash TV?  And seriously?  He's still on TV?

Yesterday afternoon we had lunch at The Ivy, with our heads constantly moving this way and that, trying to spot a celeb.  There were paparazzi everywhere and you could tell they were standing on edge for something big ... word was that Johnny Depp was going to arrive, but we never saw nuttin'!

We visited Malibu, sat in the lobby of the Beverly Wilshire, Santa Monica, Rodeo Drive, Robertson Blvd., Kitson, Lisa Kline ... nuttin'!

Then last night we had dinner at Mr. Chow ... I was pretty sure we were going for broke when who walked in?  Jerry Springer.  The girls could've cared less.  Me too for that matter.  Try explaining to a 13 & 14 year old how the old man standing in the foyer is a celebrity!

Later as we were eating we could see flash bulbs going off outside the restaurant, but never spotted 'anyone' coming in.  And as we left, ran into a wall of paparazzi again ... actually, one guy was parked outside The Ivy earlier in the day.

Unsuccessful in the way of 'sightings' ... but totally successful in the way of bonding.  And I wouldn't trade that for nuttin'!

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five dot design said...

i've run into him too- almost literally. i was with a few friends and we were getting off of the elevator and almost plowed into him. he was going up to his condo that is in the same building as our company. i didn't even recognize him until a friend of mine shouted "that's jerry springer" and the doors closed with him chuckling to himself.