Tuesday, August 19, 2008

remember these guys?

I posted on Hello!Lucky a few weeks ago and thought I'd revisit after seeing this post.  Thank you so much Sabrina for the mention!

And this is Hunter's birth announcement that Sabrina mentions.  Sigh ... the last birth announcement I'll ever send out {another reason I kept having babies!}.  I love everything about the way this announcement turned out.  I'm a sucker for envelope liner and I love the tiny pink dots!  The little scroll in Mr. Lamb's mouth says, "it's another girl" ... love that!  And of course the precious photo of my squishy little baby!

And since I've 'went there' ... I decided to share the following photo that I shot while trying to get Hunter's announcement photo.  Hunter was up early {as new babies often are!} and Wynter had gotten up too ... for some reason she was running nakie {we love nakie time in our house} and kept getting in my shot.  I was blessed to grab this one ...

Sabrina was also kind enough to help me with our little 'Lucky' dilemma ... thanks guys ... I still *heart* you!

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trisha said...

i have always LOVED this picture.